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Professor in Telecommunications
President & CTO
Truva Inc.
+1 (404) 259-3727
Truva Inc., Alpharetta, GA 30022, U.S.A.


Welcome to My Home Page

Truva inc. was founded in March 1989. The focus of the company is consulting, conducting research, teaching classes for industry and academia in the telecommunications area worldwide. Since 1989, many research projects have been successfully completed, and the research work continues on. The commercial and academic research projects are based on 5G/6G Wireless Systems, Internet of xThings (x=Terrestrial, Underwater, Underground, Space, Nano, BioNano), TeraHertz Band Communications,  Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces, Spectrum Sharing, Satellite Communication. Past projects included but not limited to ATM Networks, 2G/3G/4G Wireless Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Satellite Networks Interplanetary Internet. 




What’s New?

  • Alexander von Humboldt

    Dr. Akyildiz received Alexander von Humboldt award to conduct research at his Alma Mater University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany in 2023. This is his second time receiving this award after 2014-2016.

  • Metaverse

    Dr. Akyildiz serves as a panel member for “Metaverse Future” at the IEEE Metaverse
    2022 conference on December 15-18-2022. [LINK] [PHOTO]


    Dr. Akyildiz gives a keynote speech on “Metaverse: Challenges for Extended Reality
    and Holographic-Type communication in the Next Decade”
    at the conference “ITU
    Kaleidoscope 2022: Extended reality – How to boost quality of experience and
    interoperability” in Accra, Ghana, December 7-9,2022. [LINK]

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