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Professor in Telecommunications
President & CTO
Truva Inc.

Dr. Ian F. Akyildiz

Prof. Akyildiz gave a keynote speech entitled “On The Research Progress for Underwater Wireless Communication Networks” at the 17th Int. ACM Conference on Underwater Networks and Systems (ACM WUWNET’23) in Shenzhen, China on Nov 24-26, 2023.

Dr. Akyildiz received a new patent on Underwater Communication Networks.

The title of the patent is “Systems, Methods and Computer Readable Media of Automatic Network Slicing of Underwater Acoustic Communication System Resources”  with Patent Number US 11,569, 920 B1 on Jan 31, 2023.


Dr. Akyildiz received another patent on October 11, 2023.

This patent (US Patent No. 11,784 711) is a “continuation” of US Patent No. 11,476,926,

which means that it includes a different set of claims.

Consequently, we have a suite of patents (4 in total) on CUBESATS. This is the result of 6 years of hard work with my last 2 PhD Mohicans.… Bravo to Ahan Kak and Shuai Nie…


On September 7, 2023, Dr. Akyildiz gave a keynote speech at the event called “Computing and Space” at the University of Helsinki, Finland.


17.00 Dean Sasu Tarkoma: Opening
17.05 Ian F. Akyildiz (ITU): Space Communication – A Major Research Direction for 6G Wireless Systems
17.30 Laura Ruotsalainen (UH): AI will help people go anywhere on Earth or even to Mars
17.55 Tomas Kohout (UH) & David Korda (UH): New insights into composition of planetary surfaces – machine learning as a tool to exploit legacy datasets
18.20 Teemu Roos (UH) & Lucile Turc (UH) / Minna Palmroth (UH): Space – supercomputers – AI
18.45-19.00 Closing discussion


We got another patent on small satellites, CubeSats, On July 18, 2023. [PHOTO]